A warm welcome to the George Clifford Newbold Scholarship Fund website.  Should you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the site, do not hesitate to contact us apart from an actual application.  We have made a serious effort to make this site as user-friendly and clearly understood as possible.  Hopefully, it will fulfill its purpose and offer credit to the memory of Cliff Newbold, an outdoorsman, raconteur, naturalist and gentleman who treasured his native heritage, however distant in the past.

The fund has been established in anticipations of awarding annual scholarships of roughly $2000.00 to qualified students of Native American descent in the hope that eventually support of their home communities will be a by-product.

It will be a renewable grant based on demonstrated achievement and the ongoing recommendation and evaluation of their professors.

Further, we believe that students whose tribal heritage includes the operation of gambling institutions should turn to those operations for financial support.  Please understand that this is not a moral judgement but a simple belief that profits from these operations can easily be, in part, directed to tribal educational improvement.

Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to call Henry Newbold at 908-269-5818.