Fund History

History of the George Clifford Newbold Scholarship Fund

The year 1705 saw the arrival in the Port of Philadelphia of Franklin Dufford from the family home in Alsace-Lorraine Germany.  Franklin migrated into Northwestern New Jersey to a community of Moravian brethren known as German Valley, now Long Valley.  He prospered as a farmer and ten years later he began to sponsor his six siblings, one at a time, bringing them to America.  At that time his brother, John, followed Franklin and emigrated to Philadelphia.  When Franklin learned of John’s arrive, he sent a Musconetong area Leni Lenape Nation woman to Philadelphia to bring him to his family in German Valley.  They were subsequently married in 1718.

Evelyn Newbold was a 10th generation descendant of this couple through her paternal grandmother, Fondella Gordon Dufford.  Upon Evelyn’s death, as a condition of her estate.  Evelyn choose to honor her father George Clifford (Cliff) Newbold and his lifetime respect for his heritage as well as his interest in nature, hunting, fishing the great outdoors and natural healing methods practiced by tribal cultures.  To accomplish this, she determined a scholarship fund offering assistance to native individuals would serve well.  Her stated objective was to benefit the college goals of Native American students.  She hoped that opportunity would ultimately benefit their native communities and environments through an effort at “giving back.”

As a result, various members have joined together to establish this fund and have invited several capable and interested friends to join in the effort.  Founded in 2010, the Fund was incorporated in the State of New Jersey and granted 501(c)3 tax exempt status.  Our grantees have been quite successful in their pursuit with 22 graduated to date.